January 23rd, 2007

After sleeping for countless hours last night I awoke to some cool news.

For one thing, I’m now on MXNA! I submitted myself on a whim a while back and when I didn’t get a response I assumed I just hadn’t been around long enough. Now I’m a card-carrying Flash blogger. Since I wanted to talk about any interest of mine – not just Flash-specific ones – I created a special XML feed for exactly that purpose. This feed will only deliver posts that fellow Flash developers could find interesting, and is the one that will be aggregated by MXNA. If you want the full BrokenBlog experience though, you’ll just have to subscribe to the complete feed.

WordPress 2.1 is out! I just upgraded and it seems pretty nifty so far, although its created some empty spaces on my site I need to fix. Since I can no longer use Windows Live Writer for posts (more details on that later) I wanted a more capable post editor which 2.1 provides. It even auto-saves posts now.

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