actionjson 1.3

January 1st, 2011

As usual, actionjson is available on github.

Now available is the new apparatmemory branch that includes an updated version of decodeJson that has additional memory optimizations, making it faster than every library I’ve tested it against. It uses apparat to accomplish this.

Since it’s a bit more annoying to compile (although you can, if you set up apparat properly) I’m including a pre-compiled swc that I’ll be keeping updated alongside the branch. You can download it here.

One Response to “actionjson 1.3”

  1. Taylor Brown Says:

    (Wasn’t sure how to contact you, so I figure a blog comment works about as well as any)
    Thanks so much for this library! The functions are compact, easy to understand, and fast. We’ll probably be using it for our JSON needs in our AIR financial software (You Need a Budget).
    Perhaps more importantly though, your ideas in your async functions inspired me to write a generic library to help write async tasks in Actionscript. Async tasks are one thing, but async tasks that are recursive… That’s a nut I have been hoping to crack ever since I started in Flex/AIR 2 years ago, and I gained some real insights from your code. I hope to release it soon in a standalone manner, and would love to get your thoughts.

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