actionjson, Important Update

January 13th, 2012

As I recently found out, Adobe is dropping support for fast memory opcodes in Flash 11.2, making projects that use tools like Apparat, haXe and Alchemy 0.3 potentially break in upcoming versions of Flash. This is the first time I’ve ever seen Adobe break compatibility intentionally for non-security reasons. It’s a pretty messed up thing to do, considering that many projects use these those opcodes.

For the pre-compiled version of actionjson (actionjson.swc), I used Apparat to provide a small boost in performance. So, if you downloaded it before now, you need to download it again or risk projects breaking in Flash 11.2. I’m very sorry that this happened, this is an unprecedented move, seeing how important compatibility has always been to Flash.

People who used the uncompiled actionjson files are unaffected by this problem, since the master branch of actionjson does not use Apparat. I would recommend making sure they are up to date, since there was a minor bugfix a few months back.

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