FZip – Updated

June 22nd, 2007

FZip has been updated, it has a couple nifty changes.

  • Apollo/Air has built-in deflate support (ironic, isn’t it?), so if you make an Air app, you don’t need to “prepare” the zip file like before. This means FZip can open any zip file from within Air.
  • There’s better support for foreign language filenames. Unicode is now the default, but that can be easily changed.
  • There’s a new class, FZipLibrary, which is an (optional) processor that makes it easier to convert incoming files into other formats (images, swf files, etc).

The Air support is the most significant change, but if you’re putting the zip online you’ll have to run it through fzip-prepare.py first.

There’s a restaurant called Don Pablo’s I visited for my 21st birthday because they served drinks. Huge mistake. My wallet went missing during the course of the meal. Since I spent the whole time sitting down in the inside seat of a booth it’s quite a mystery. We took apart the seats to see if it was under them but we only found bugs (eww). Some guy who worked there came by with a wallet he said he found in the men’s bathroom, but all the cash was missing. It wasn’t spare change either, it had the money I got for my birthday in it, which I hadn’t even had time to hide somewhere since I got it while eating at the restaurant. I lost $140. I’m a college student, I could’ve really used that.

Throughout this whole incident I was calm and not making a big deal about this despite the fact it was likely a Don Pablo’s employee who robbed me. The manager took my information and said she’d call me back, which she didn’t do. I called her and she said she was waiting for a call from “corporate” and that an exhaustive search found nothing. When they finally called they said weren’t responsible for what happened and wouldn’t offer so much as a gift certificate. Not that I’d want one anyway.

I’m disappointed how fluidly and efficiently Don Pablo’s allowed me to be robbed of and then do nothing to resolve it. The respect I showed Don Pablo’s despite what happened was not returned. I would’ve been justified in becoming upset and making a scene but instead I controlled myself and have nothing to show for it. I have few options left but to tell the Internet I suppose.