The serial you get works on the Linux version, which is currently in alpha. Get your serial here. Thanks to Colin Moock for pointing it out.

Who knew?

GIMP and Photoshop (from what I remember) insist upon 256 colors for GIF images. It makes sense, because that way a palette index only takes up one byte, so I just assumed it was a limitation of the format. I’ve been living a lie.

About two years ago this guy named Paul Robertson made a 12-minute film of a video game that didn’t exist. It was Pirate Baby’s Cabana Battle Street Fight 2006 and it was good.

Now, after all these years of waiting, he’s released a trailer of sorts for a game that, quite like his previous film, does not in fact exist. It’s Kings of Power 4 Billion %. This one is a lot more ridiculous, but tons of fun in a violent seizure-inducing way.

Check out this circa 1995 Newsweek article where someone writes about how the Internet is not all that great in the tone of “crotchety old man”. He comments on how newspapers can’t be replaced so easily, and since the Internet lacks the single most important aspect of sales, the salesperson, it can’t replace that either. Pretty funny stuff really.

His mistake was not seeing what advances in technology could take care of. He complains about how the Internet is just a huge mess of unfiltered data, he just couldn’t percieve of a time where this data could be better organized. He’s right about some stuff though, anybody who sees computers as replacing teachers is being silly. Oh no 10 years from now when robots rule the Earth I will be the fodder of future websurfers who will knowingly laugh at my foolish predictions.

Starfield Stackers Demo

March 22nd, 2008

A while back Andrew Dickman and I tried making games together as an artist/programmer duo.

This is easily the best thing I think we came up with because it’s the most fun to look at and play in its incomplete state. I wrote some decent AI for the game, which I’ve never actually beaten on the hardest difficulty. The gameplay is basically identical to Puyo Puyo, otherwise known as Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine and Kirby’s Avalanche.

Use the arrow keys to move, and the spacebar to “spin” the blobs. Chain together 4+ blobs of the same color to clear them and any nearby black blobs. You send more black blobs to your enemy the bigger the chain, and way more than that if you pull off combos.

This game is so incomplete you can’t switch between modes in the game, so you’ll have to pick the type of game you want to play from here.

George vs Martha

March 9th, 2008

I never really delete anything, and I was wandering around an archive within another archive file when I found George vs Martha. It’s a reenactment of sorts that two computer programs have in the The Terminal Man. I always found it pretty funny, in a weird sort of way.

Click here to see who wins.

I honestly can’t even remember when I made this.