Mega Man vs BrokenFunction

December 29th, 2009

The ports of my first two games are complete. I’ve put both games here. If you play them let me know in the comments if you notice any bugs, or if something doesn’t unlock, or even if you just enjoyed them so I can know they’re working for people.

I was paranoid I would go all George Lucas on the game and so I swore to not change things, but I did end up doing that anyway, so I tried to only change stuff that few would notice. This doesn’t cover changes to the engine (of which there are many), except as it relates to gameplay.

NES style enemy regeneration for some enemies. When some enemies go offscreen, they’ll come back in their original position, rather than their last seen position. It was too hard to do this in the original version so I didn’t bother. Most enemies still keep the original behavior because they don’t work well when you change it.

New preloader. I believe I originally had Wily always running from Mega Man (I thought it was funny), than I started adding more robots, then I had everybody running from everybody else. I got a kick out of it, but whenever I see it now it looks tacky. I rationalized reasoned that a preloader isn’t really the game, so I could do as I like. Even though people’s Internet connections are a lot faster these days, the preloader is really there so the game doesn’t start without the user’s expressed input. Also, since it’s unlikely Flash itself will have focus, it’s also a trick to get the user to click on the game and give it focus. The new preloader also serves yet another purpose…

Controller instructions. I’ve always considered the audience for my games to be the type of people who, at the slightest indication of boredom, will vanish. Looking for the controls is soooo booooring. Now they’re in the preloader and you can even fool around a bit while the game is loading.

New weapon. I’ve replaced the unconscionably boring S.Missle weapon you get when you finish Mega Man vs Metroid with a new one. For the sake of surprise I won’t tell you here, but I love it and I hope it gives my games more replay value. I’ve also made the other unlockable weapon more powerful. In other words, neither unlockable weapons suck anymore.

Better collision detection. The old system was a bit sensitive, due to some sacrifices I made for image quality. In the old days a rendering bug gave images this annoying 1 pixel border thing. My solution to the problem was to give each image a transparent 1 pixel border so even if the rendering bug was there, you could not see it because it would only affect the transparent border. Since I used hitTest for collision detection, that meant it was a little easier to get hit than I intended, by 2 pixels. This always bugged me but not many people seemed to notice and I didn’t have any better ideas at the time.

Samus is a little smarter. I noticed some mistakes in Samus’s attack routine where she walks along the ground and shoots you. It’s hard to notice because she usually falls back on a bombing run instead.

Arthur is a little smarter. The way Arthur detected incoming projectiles was a little clunky, so I improved it a bit. I actually went too far and he became the one, so I had to introduce a little chaos to make him less superhuman.

AIR version (WIP). I always wanted to let people download the game, but I couldn’t find an easy/free way to do it. I’m actually stuck on a significant problem, which I’m trying to resolve, so this is still incomplete. When I do get it working you’ll also get…

Fullscreen. Not just bigger too, but the game actually formats to the size of the screen! Widescreen NES. I think it’s pretty cool. This only comes with the future AIR edition, since Flash doesn’t yet allow keyboard input in fullscreen to the degree that the game needs.


Mega Man vs Ghosts 'n Goblins 2.0

December 27th, 2009

So I’ve been pumping everything I know about 2D platformers into this game engine in my free time. Schoolwork and other distractions conspire against me to delay this effort, so I’ve been doing it for a while. I decided to use Mega Man vs Ghosts ‘n Goblin‘s content to make an incomplete game as a way to find bugs and further understand what the engine needed. Naturally this turned into a complete port.

I graduated from college a few weeks ago, and rather than look for a job like I should be doing, I used the time to finish it up. Since 95% of the work that’s been done also works for it’s prequel, I’m already planning on redoing that one too.

Even though I would normally leave well enough alone I’ve really got a soft spots for these two games, and some things about them really bother me. Namely the numerous framerate shenanigans I pulled in the past have made them inexplicably choppy today. That and I hate the unlockable weapons. A lot.

So, here it is. The new and improved Mega Man vs Ghosts ‘n Goblins. Once I finish the other one I’ll try and spread them out across the Internet. If you find any bugs let me know.

EDIT: Play both games here.