Pick a Console, Any Console

November 14th, 2006

Anybody who thinks they can predict who’s going to come out on top at the end of the upcoming console wars is an idiot. Each console is surprisingly equal.

Xbox 360

  • Has been out for a year
  • Plenty powerful
  • Price is high, but not as much as Playstation 3
  • Good selection of games so far
  • Awesome controller
  • Halo 3


  • New control system
  • Cheapest of the three
  • Will attract non-gamers
  • Comparable game library at launch
  • Lots of first-party series

Playstation 3

  • Powerhouse, likely to be superior to the 360
  • Probably the most brand loyalty
  • Lots of third-party series
  • Nifty new controller
  • Huge disc space (for huge games)

I’m personally inclined to choose a Wii, both because I want to play Nintendo’s games the most and because I don’t want to pay more than a month’s rent for a console. Still, I find myself very interested in the 360, seeing as how I already own the controller for one, I might grab one if I ever get the chance. I simply refuse to pay such a high price for the PS3, but they might lower the price in the future.

On a side note, I was planning on waiting in line for my brand new Wii, only the day before I’ll be busy with something arguably more important. Imaging if your college has a rivalry with another college, and both your teams are facing off very soon as the best two teams in the sport. In other words, me and my fellow students will have a hard time not being distracted on the biggest game day in years.

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