Firefox is So 2005

October 30th, 2006

Firefox 2.0 has been out for many days now, but why bother? Honestly, it’s a nice improvement over 1.5, but ever since Opera removed the ads and started giving it away for free it’s going to be very hard to wrench me away.

Opera has been slowly and effectively perfected over time into the perfect experience for hardcore browsing that any major browser has to offer. It has lots of little seemingly annoying features that you can’t live without as you begin using them. Like sessions, the trashcan that stores the history of closed tabs, the detailed hovering status bar, the way Opera centers the mouse when you auto-scroll, paste & go, all of it starts to become a requirement in your browsing experience.

While it lacks Firefox’s biggest advantage, extensions, it makes up for it by not usually needing them. Unless it’s overly specific, Opera might have it already. Extensions are often poor and bulk up Firefox while Opera has many little bonuses already built in seamlessly.  Opera keeps things simple on the outside, and additional cool features (like email, bittorrent, and irc) are hidden just below the surface if you’d ever want them. For example, Opera even has its own Greasemonkey-like capabilities that are superior to Greasemonkey itself.

Except for the rare moron blocking you out because you use Opera (although you can hide that you’re using Opera anyway, another built-in feature) its hard to find a site that doesn’t work properly. I like Firefox, but it still has to catch up.

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