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September 14th, 2006

There are plenty of funny webcomics on the Internet. I read something like, half of them. It always amazes me how hilarious people with no artistic talent whatsoever manage to ignore the rules and make webcomics nonetheless. Now for no reason whatsoever, here are some examples…

  • Concerned – This webcomic uses a mod for Half Life 2 called Garry’s Mod which changes the game from a first-person shooter into a sandbox where you can manipulate everything in the game. The author takes screenshots after positioning the characters and adds voiceboxes.
  • Alien Loves Predator – Take a pun on a classic film and add pictures of action figures in New York settings. Also, voiceboxes.
  • xkcd – Okay, this fellow does in fact draw his comics, but they’re poorly draw stick figures. He instead resorts to hilarious nerdy humor to fill the void.
  • 8-bit Theater – Arguably the best sprite comic on the Internet, it uses sprites from video games instead of fancy drawings.
  • Dinosaur Comics – This is easily the least artistically innovative comic ever made, the clever individual who makes it decided to take any time he would have spent drawing the comic and instead use it for amazing dialog and advanced philosophical concepts. Since he has no time for drawing, he simply uses the same comic over and over again. There’s nearly 900 comics as of this writing.

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