Cave Story

July 13th, 2008

I know this game has been out for, well, ages in Internet years, but I only just recently got around to playing it. I’ve been bored during my off time in San Francisco (I’m interning at YouTube, remember?) and this a breath of fresh air.

Cave Story

It seemed like a decent amateur game at first, but as the game goes on you realize this guy didn’t waste the five years it took to make the game (level design, art, music, everything) in his free time. The level design is heavily influenced by classic Metroid games, but takes some cues (particularly story-wise) from Japanese RPGs. It’s freeware, it’s fun, and I’ve started playing it for the second time. I recommend it to everyone who likes old-school games.

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  1. Mr.doob Says:

    Thanks! I started playing this game last year, but it was on japanese and wasn’t able to get too far. I didn’t know there was a translation out there. I’ll be able to play properly now 😀 Thanks thanks thanks!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Hi! I thought your blog was just so darn CUTE! I loved it and I just bookmarked it!

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