Yoshi's Island Flash Demo

February 29th, 2008

When it comes to 2D platformers, there is no better than Yoshi’s Island. It’s innovative, loaded with levels, and just plain fun to play. When I was younger, I went so far as to get 100’s on every level, including the bonus levels.

I was experimenting with tile engines in Flash and I figured it would be very hard, but possible to pull off Yoshi’s Island in Flash. These days, that’s almost easy, but this demo was on the far edge of what Flash 6 was capable of on my old computer. It was reasonable in brief horizontal levels, but slowed way down when in levels involving both axes. I decided to drop it, but I have a special place in my heart for this project, since this is probably the best chunk of code I ever wrote for Flash 6. Ah well. I still gained a lot of experience from it.

Here’s the demo Use the arrow keys to move and Z to jump. Press Z again in mid-air to get Yoshi to float.

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25 Responses to “Yoshi's Island Flash Demo”

  1. felix Says:

    yoshi rules!

  2. N.M. Says:

    Hey, thats a nice engine. I would like to have a look at the source code if you are willing to share it.

  3. dude Says:

    Yo this is awesome!!! Try king longer levels, or enemies or something. This is the best flash ive evr seen

  4. ayteq Says:

    great work

  5. Flash Developer Says:

    From where can we have the source please?

  6. Arhip Says:

    Yoshi’s Island прикольная игрушка, помню как только она вышла, сразу купил её себе так ради интереса, несмотря на 2Д графику, игрушка очень интересная, особенно динозавр Yoshi’s, а когда он вытворяет всякие фишки, это вообще прикол. Я играл, а сейчас играет мой сын, и он тоже в восторге

  7. rtoot3 Says:

    yeah, im trying to learn actionscript and mxml, i would love it if you would show me this source code!

  8. бaкинeц Says:

    Хорошая статья, как и все предыдущие были. Буду теперь и далее следить .

  9. toni Says:

    that stupid demo you need just to jump

  10. toni Says:

    well who know about tails nightmare is cool flash game like mario combat

  11. toni Says:

    but is nice flash game i guess

  12. Антон Says:

    Конечно, я с этим тоже сталкивался 🙂

  13. BratMamedGunes Says:

    А что Вы скажете, если я скажу, что все Ваши посты, не более чем выдумка автора?

  14. pika 23 Says:

    that game is nice but will you make it long ?!

  15. pikachuuu345 Says:

    hey why yoshi can’t use his tongue ?????

  16. kirby Says:


  17. Max Says:

  18. marine21212 Says:

    this is awsome demo but guys please tell will it have bunny kill 5 and bunny kill flash game

  19. Anonymous Says:

    good.i’m looking forward to a full version

  20. yoshifan45647 Says:

    well if you are looking for the full version you can’t fing it because you need to make the game

  21. yoshifan45647 Says:

    what program do you use?

  22. Max Says:

    yoshifan: I used mtasc and swfmill I believe

  23. Micah Says:

    this is a pretty good demo try getting a few levels in though.

  24. Yoshi The Dino Says:

    What’s the Embed code?

  25. Max Says:

    Yoshi: No embed code, it’s just a demo.

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