Metroid Week Gets More Filler

August 29th, 2007

During Metroid Week at Joystiq-spinoff Wii Fanboy my (very) old game, Megaman vs Metroid, got shown off. That’s pretty darn cool. Thing is, he goes on to dis the controls. The controls are a near-perfect copy of Megaman’s controls, I can’t even begin to wonder what the complaint is. If it’s the locations of the keys you can even change it from the options menu. One guy in the comments thinks the hitboxes are too big, but he’s absolutely right and has a sharp eye too. It’s easily the biggest flaw of the game, I used the sprites themselves as the hitboxes. Oh to be young and foolish again. Then there’s the guy who thinks there’s a bug that doesn’t let you recover health. Those blue flashing things are not health pickups boy-o.

I’m a little miffed I didn’t actually get linked to in this – they linked to a site I submitted it to – but I’d put up with it if even the guy linking to it seemed to like the game. I should be happy I suppose. Meh. Megaman vs Metroid is my baby, sure the code is pretty bad at some points, but I poured everything I had into that. I guess I don’t like hearing people talk bad about it.

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  1. Hernan Says:

    Is there a problem with the “got shown off” link? or is it just me?

  2. Max Says:

    It’s me.

  3. Pete Says:

    Hey is my site…
    What is the problem?
    Please contact me…

    I only allow the authors to upload games to…
    What do you mean pretend I like it? I think it is one of the best games on there…
    Unfortunately my site isn’t that great and I do have tons of ads…
    But I do make games too!…
    And I think your work is awesome!

    Is there someway we can fix any problem?

    Also way off topic but have you messed around with sandy or away3d yet, or the other flash 3d engines?

  4. Max Says:

    Man, this is what sucks about having a blog, if you insult anybody they can post a comment and make you feel bad.

    Your site isn’t bad, but I was in a bad mood that day or something and made that comment against you. I apologize. I get weird when it comes to that game sometimes. I also wasn’t saying you didn’t like my game, I was saying the guy on Wii Fanboy didn’t seem to like it.

    So anyway there’s no problems, I was just a surprised they linked to you instead of the original author or Newgrounds. You have to understand, Newgrounds is what I made the game for, I submitted it there the day I finished it.

    I’ve toyed with Papervision a bit, mostly though I’ve worked on that Doom engine I made although it’s not actual 3D.

    Again, sorry. Good luck with

  5. Pete Says:

    Hey Max!

    Sorry for misunderstanding – I think i misunderstood!

    I know you made it for NG basically – but here is a secret:

    I have only asked about 3 or 4 people in my whole life to upload to and you are one of them, because I admire the game so much.

    I did have it on front page for like a year AT LEAST 🙂 If not two years 🙂 ?

    Anyways I am sorry to post personal stuff but I think that game is perhaps the best game on the internet or anywhere!

  6. DelusionalKid Says:

    It is bloody amazing… MAKE A SEQUAL DAMN IT! I’ve been waiting for a third to make it a trilogy for years D: Stop porting Doom to flash and make a new megaman crossover 🙁 You always seem to scrap your projects, it depresses me a lot tbh.

    I mean those two games are the only things you have uploaded to Newgrounds and this was years ago man!!!!!! I would have thought you were dead if it weren’t for this blog. And like I know it is hard work making flash games but it would still be nice to know you are working on a nice retro 2d platformer 🙁 (maybe you are but you are just keeping it incredibly secret [I doubt it])

    Love you! xxx 😉

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