August 4th, 2007

I noticed that games I lavish my attention on tend to be remade or re-released. Or both. I think it’s quite unlikely that everyone in the game industry is secretly scanning my website as a way of knowing what to do next. Instead I think it’s far more likely that I have some sort of magic power to influence the video game industry.

For one thing, the original Doom is going where it has never gone before – Steam – so it’s being re-released for modern operation systems. COINCIDENCE? Yeah probably, since it was just remade for the Xbox Live Arcade. But wait, I have more.

While plenty of people have tried making in-browser FPS games, none have really pulled it off and become popular. id Software (creators of Doom) just announced a remake of Quake 3 that works in your browser mere weeks after I show off my demo. I think it is obvious that once again my magical abilities have warped the minds another game company’s direction.

It’s also worth noting the chances of this remake being made in Flash are nil. It’s unlikely to be made in Shockwave either. The only real choices are Java or a custom plugin, both of which seem somewhat unlikely. Their main problem is figuring out how to use a mouse/keyboard setup in a browser. I’m looking forward to seeing how they pull this one off.

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