Andre Michelle is my personal Flash hero, I find I’m always interested in the things he’s doing. Anyway, his steady obsession with making audio on-the-fly from within Flash has come to fruition and it’s just plain cool. He uses mod files with ByteArray and has managed to hack together a capable audio player. I experimented with mod files but favored midi files instead in a downright weird project I had going a while back. People seem to be slowly realizing how much ByteArray is going to change how people do advanced techniques in Flash.

I’m in the midst of an effort to work out some way to decompress files from within Flash with some help from the people at Flashcoders, although it’s going to be tricky. Basically, you have zip (or gzip) files and Flash, they both use the same compression techniques, but a minor difference makes them completely incompatible normally. But I’ll be damned if that stops me.

This project is DOOMED

August 8th, 2006

This took me about a day. It’s not a pre-rendered image, it’s been grabbed directly from an old-school shareware Doom wad file and imported into Flash.

It’s harder than it looks.