Got a Wii (Review)

December 7th, 2006

EDIT: I’m updating my review. It was a little premature. I’m allowed to do that right? Here’s the better version, although in the end I say the same thing.

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I finally got ahold of a Wii, barely. I was #32 in line and they only had 32 consoles. Twilight Princess is beyond amazing. It’s purified classic Zelda in a fancy package. It’s perfect so far, and without overselling it, it’s already on of the better games I’ve ever played. I can’t really say if it’s any better on the Wii than on the Gamecube though, the pointer (for aiming) mostly annoys me so I turned it off. There’s a minigame in Zelda that convinced me the Wiimote is the real deal, you rotate the Wiimote to rotate a board in the game and it catches every subtle movement. That, along with fishing, probably makes it more worth it than the Gamecube version. Other things though, like swinging the sword, are basically like pushing buttons by swinging the Wiimote instead. Link doesn’t, for example, swing in the direction you did. The speaker on the Wiimote is only annoying so far, and doesn’t really add to the game.

Wii Sports is mostly interesting because the Wiimote’s interesting right now. It’s ultimately a few experimental minigames put together. Still, I’m becoming addicted to it anyway. One feature that I find interesting are the Miis. You can create a caricature of a person and play as them in Wii Sports (and other games). I found myself trying to make Miis of everyone I knew. When you connect your Wii to other Wiis you can see and share Miis.

There’s lots of missing features waiting to be updated. The News and Weather channels don’t work yet, and while the Weather channel should start working soon the News channel won’t for a while. I can’t download the Opera browser and it seems I’ll have to buy something to get it (although the browser itself is “free”). You can’t backup your Gamecube saves, although you can manage them on their memory cards. The Wii doesn’t come with S-Video cables (I thought it would), only composite cables. The “friend code” system is really annoying, it seems when you add a person to your address book they won’t even know – they have to add you too. Buying classic games online is mostly a scam, as you don’t own them like you own a cartridge, you merely license them and they’re locked to your Wii. Not to mention that you will probably be buying games you already own. It doesn’t play DVDs, or mp3s (except when in the photo viewer), or play videos (unless they’re Motion JPEG – which nobody uses).

As for the nifty things, you can send and receive emails using regular email or the Wiis. Since your Wii can stay partially active all the time your Wii will automatically download emails and alert you by pulsing the drive light. Gamecube games work perfectly with the Wii and offers a good replacement for it. The Wiimote can store Miis (and probably other data in the future) which can be brought to other Wiis.

I think, in the end, the Wii is worth it. There’s a lot of potential in this machine. Keep in mind though, you should consider not buying it unless you’re after a Wii game or two, I think it still needs more time to mature as a console. Most of my complaints are easily fixable and will be probably be fixed. In the end it’s a solid machine that will probably become what it should be – in the future.

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