Super Mario Bros Demo

November 22nd, 2006

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I made this demo ages ago, it’s a pretty accurate imitation of the engine in Super Mario Bros (the 16-bit version from Super Mario All-Stars). It’s a pretty nifty find since I completely forgot I made it. I was experimenting with more advanced tile engines in Flash and this was one of many experiments towards that end. Click on the game, then use “A”, “Z”, and the arrow keys to control Mario.

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I really need to make a new game.

Update: Sorry, I’m not handing out the source code. This was an experiment, an incomplete project I created just to see if it would work. Simply put, if you know enough Actionscript to make a game with the source code to this one, then you could’ve written it yourself anyway. 

Update 2: I think I wasn’t clear enough. The reason I’m not offering up source code is because it’s old, incomplete, and not good to learn off of. It’s actually in an archive which is in another archive, and within that archive it’s in an “incomplete” section. If you really need help these sites are also old and flawed, but far easier to learn from than anything this game would provide.

12 Responses to “Super Mario Bros Demo”

  1. shane p Says:

    I am a student working on my own flash assignment. I bet you can see where this is going…

    Would it be possible for you to email me the .fla file? I’m having a lot of trouble getting the landscape to move along…

    Shane P.

  2. Corey T Says:

    Can you please send me the fla. file too if you can.

  3. steven Says:

    I’ve been struggling to create a super-mario-like game as well, but I can’t seem to make things work properly. Would it be possible to send the .fla file to me as well? I’m really interested in your code!

  4. Zach Nicholson Says:

    This game is alright i want to make my own game how do u do that?

  5. Hitler Isai Ordoñez Says:

    I want to play the full version of Mario bros and I don’t the demo because it is borring I have sixteen years old and I am a middle school student.

  6. bogman_000 Says:

    hello i was wondering because i have to make by own flash assignmnt, how to make a score. wat i want to do is when the character hits say a treasure box movie clip then the score will go up by 3

  7. Stone Says:

    Well… Dude… I am not able to make a game like this and the source code would be nice to look at for help. If you aren’t going to give out the source to something that you say is so easy, then there’s no reason for you to put a tiny little test level on here and mock everybody. Please post the source code. It would be a great help to everyone who needs some assistance.

  8. I WUV MARIO Says:

    Im am in my parenting class and im bored as hell and all of the game websites are blocked except . i need to find a new one or atleast get buddy who made this website to make the full version

  9. Ian Coleman Says:

    How the heck do i get past the 1st level “1-1”?

  10. Max Says:

    It’s just a tech demo Ian, not a game 😉

  11. Ian Coleman Says:

    wa ,wa

  12. Le Minh Hoang Says:

    Can you share me your mario code in C?
    Thanks for all.
    I’m only a student and I get many trouble when I program a game.

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