I Know Where It's At, Bitch

November 16th, 2006

I won’t lie. Which is good, cause I never really lied in the first place. I do have video game music, even though I don’t really listen to it. I have a huge punk collection, but when I listen to punk all the time I get tired of it and turn to whatever’s closest.

Anyway, I thought this was actually really funny. Amongst the perfectly generic music in F-Zero GX, the artists have hidden a curse word. It’s really freaking hidden, since it’s in the background of Jack Levin’s theme song and can only be heard if you select Jack Levin in the “Pilot Profiles” section. I don’t know what’s wierder, the fact that I noticed, the fact the I’m actually admitting I listened to the song, the fact that they cursed in a Nintendo game, or the fact that I apparently care enough to post about it. Just ask youself, has Mario ever said “ho”? Would you notice?

Look around, take it in, watch the moves now
Buzzin’ round like a fly-by, a lightbulb
Watchin’ words bounce around to the beat of my drum
Nothin’ said when you are under my thumb

Take a ride in the night sky
Lookin’ good silouette, with my x-ray eyes
Bein’ live and let it slide and watch the sun rise
I know where it’s at

In the light of the sun
There is part of me there
In the middle of it all
(I know where it’s at, bitch)

And in the light of the moon
There is part of us there
In the middle of it all
(I know where it’s at, bitch)

And there you have it. Will any of us ever be the same? Download the song here if your mouse slips and you click on this link.

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