Guitar Hero 2

November 8th, 2006

One thing’s for sure, it’s way better than the original. Attesting to my l33t-status, I procured a copy around 8 hours ago and I’ve already unlocked all but the final section on Expert. No, I haven’t been playing non-stop either.

Playing is far more fluid, as the guitar equivalent of slurs, or rapidly played notes (that don’t use the same fret buttons) only require a single strum. While playing a tough solo in Guitar Hero 1 you’d need to strum for every note, in Guitar Hero 2 you need only strum once and let your fingers do the work. It’s basically perfect for the way I play the game. I can’t strum very well, but I’ve got dexterity. If you don’t own Guitar Hero 2, you should purchase it as soon as possible.

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