The Flash 10 standalone debug player used to dump trace messages to standard output like any good program, and for a time, it was good. Somewhere along the line it seems to have stopped doing this and it’s annoying me. Here’s an (obvious) trick to produce the same result (on Linux, more on OS X below). Run tail -F in the background on flashlog.txt:

$ tail -F ~/.macromedia/Flash_Player/Logs/flashlog.txt &
$ <build command> && flashplayer something.swf

After running that first command once, it’s back to normal. I can Ctrl+C to kill the player (the close button is so far away..) and I get nice formatted debug output.

You’ll have to get mm.cfg set up to get Flash to dump to that file. Read up on it, or if you’re feeling tl;dr, just run this command:

$ echo "ErrorReportingEnable=1nrTraceOutputFileEnable=1" > ~/mm.cfg

I haven’t tried this on OS X, but it should probably work the same, just change the path to flashlog.txt:

$ tail -F ~/Library/Preferences/Macromedia/Flash Player/Logs/flashlog.txt &

Finally, if you’r not familiar with background jobs and want to be rid of trace output, run “fg” to take control of the tail process and then Ctrl+C to kill it.

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