A while back I lamented the lack of attention towards decompression in Flash on Flashcoders. Claus Wahlers agreed.

FZip – Open-source Actionscript 3 zip library.

I developed a tool that added a small bit of information (an Adler32 checksum, as standard zip files only have a CRC32 checksum) into a zip file, and using some code that Claus developed for the new version of Deng, we successfully made a working unzip tool in Flash. Claus has more on how to use it.

The tool itself requires Python, which may seem like an annoyance, until you realize it’s not Windows-only and not that big of a hassle. It can easily be combined with a those ant buildfiles. I’ll try to cover more on this in the future, but for now, download and enjoy.

2 Responses to “FZip – Actionscript 3 unzip library”

  1. Harry Says:

    Indeed a great tool for Flash user, but it can only download/decompress zip files for Flash Player 9 only.

  2. Max Says:

    Yes, because Flash 9 is the only version with compression capabilities.

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