Flash GPU experiments

August 3rd, 2009

With the release of Flash 10, Adobe added some support for GPU’s via OpenGL and DirectX. The Flex SDK currently offers no way to flag any appropriate bits for this, so recently I endeavored to set this bit myself and see what the wonders of the GPU had to offer.

I wrote a small script to do this, but there is no way I have found to actually know if it’s working, save for graphical anomalies in some circumstances. I couldn’t see any difference in Linux (even with Compiz turned off), so I loaded up ye olde XP and tried it there with no obvious results.

Frustrated, I tried manually setting the wmode of the swf in an HTML page and finally saw some differences (although only in XP). Unfortunately the framerate decreased, something that I suspected might happen, but even worse the framerate seemed even more inconsistent and choppy than under regular rendering modes. It might’ve been because I was using it inside a browser or maybe due to my numerous framerate shenanigans. But more importantly the bit I flipped seemed to do nothing at all.

So while at first I was miffed at being left out of the Flash GPU club, now I’m content to wait longer. There’s no indication of what, exactly, these features are supposed to offer that I’ve found, nor any way to even be sure if you’re getting any benefit/hindrance from them. Unless you’re in Windows and have an eye for graphical anomalies I suppose.

Here’s the python script I used to set the aformentioned UseGPU bit (from the command line: python setusegpu.py <swf>). You can modify it easily to set the UseDirectBlit bit too (see the code for details). I’d love to hear if anybody can get better results than me, or maybe tell me how wrong and foolish I am and I’ve been misinterpreting everything.

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  1. danny Says:

    I’ve been looking into this as well recently. To detect whether directx is in fact being used, there is an application called PIX that comes with the directx sdk. I’ve been trying to profile the flash player and see if it actually makes some directx api calls, but so far i haven’t seen that happen. on mac/linux opengl should be used. There is an application called gdebugger which has a 7 day trial version which is for profiling opengl. i believe there is a version for both mac and linux.

    in the flash 10 spec on page 60 there is some talk about the gpu and use hardware but i haven’t seen anything work yet…

    i’ve been curious how the flashplayer distills down to opengl/directx calls… especially in flashlite… but i haven’t gotten that far yet

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