Fuzzy the Hedgehog

September 25th, 2006

Man do I love Sam and Fuzzy, not just for the humor and fascinating ongoing storyline, but for the commentary!

So, the other day I decided I would finally give Shadow the Hedgehog a try. Sure, I knew the game took one of my favourite franchises and pointlessly injected gunplay into the mix. But hey, how bad could it be, right? Maybe the guns would not feel as invasive as I had feared.

After placing the disc in my Gamecube and powering up, I was greeted by message in a blue, innocent looking window. The message asked if I would like to create a save file on my memory card. Easy going fellow that I am, I gave the game my permission.

In Shadow, the mere act of selecting OK is accompanied by the sound of a gunshot. You don’t just approve your menu selections, oh no… you pop a cap in them.

That pretty much sums up my experience with the game.

Sam Logan

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