Dynamic sound? Meh. 3D? Yawn. Keyboard support in fullscreen mode? Now we’re talking.

You can only use Tab, Space, and the arrow keys though. Tab for jump, space for fire? At least it’s something.

6 Responses to “Fullscreen Keyboard Support in Flash 10”

  1. Seth Says:

    Flash didn’t use to allow keyboard support in fullscreen mode? I thought you could pause / play YouTube movies, at least, with spacebar. Maybe I was wrong, though.

  2. Seth Says:

    Use? Used? Who knows. English: what a weird language.

  3. Seth Says:

    Also. Drunk right now? Yes. Level: quite. Reading RSS feeds: Because I’m a loser.

    Side note: Pictures for sad children is quite excellent.

  4. Seth Says:

    Also. I just left 4 comments on your blog. Sorry to spam it up like that.

  5. Max Says:

    Seth: Yeah, you can only do it in Flash 9 with FULL_SCREEN_INTERACTIVE as the display mode, which is only available in Adobe AIR. We fullscreen Flash game developers are a sad bunch indeed.

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