March 19th, 2007

The public alpha is out. I awoke suddenly in the middle of the night for no apparent reason, only to find that Apollo had been released… almost as if it was calling to me. 😉

It was fairly easy to port my current project to an Apollo app and I was pleased to discover that you can create Apollo “air” files (installers) on Linux. Not that this matters since “air” files are just zip files, so I could probably make an “air” creator myself. The Apollo runtime and debugger aren’t available for Linux, which is understandable, although they should probably find the time to port it later if they want Apollo to be taken seriously. It doesn’t matter much to me since my project works under multiple circumstances (Apollo, Flex, Flex-less Actionscript) and I do my debugging under an simpler environment.

So far I like Apollo, but it’s easy for a Flash developer to like Apollo, what about everybody else? With all the (somewhat undeserved) attention towards Web 2.0 sites, I wonder if anyone will even notice Apollo. It’s still a nifty idea anyway, and there might be a niche out there just waiting for Apollo to come along.

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