I read an article today about a guy who doesn’t, like most developers, actually understand Flex’s purpose. Javascript + XHTML + CSS can’t do everything. I spent years of my life trying to make Javascript into something it wasn’t, it was only later I discovered Flash was what I was really after. I still see a place for Javascript, but it’s not in say, a 3D engine, and while someone could probably make 3D engine in Javascript, it would be inferior to one made in Flash. There’s no war between Flash and Javascript, there’s no need to pick sides, they’re just two different languages for generally different purposes. They’re opposites that together form a whole, I just heavily favor Flash because it suits my needs.

Flash isn’t really supposed to replace the back button, or make your website hidden to search engines. There’s a huge Flash blogger scene, but I can’t recall the last blog I’ve seen that was made in Flash. Javascript is in the end, an extension of HTML and it can’t escape the fact that HTML was always meant to display formatted text. It’s what Javascript + XHTML + CSS is good at and what Flash isn’t. Flash has HTML formatting capabilities, but they’re only a bonus, an extra feature, not a replacement for HTML.

There’s also the complaint that Flash is proprietary. While I agree that this is a flaw, Flash would not exist today if it wasn’t closed-source. Although Javascript is the most common platform available on computers, Flash is still second best and far more reliable. You can still flawlessly view Flash content made when Flash was little more than a vector-art plugin. People may trust it less because the player is closed-source but it’s far more constant and reliable than Javascript has ever been. Flash’s ubiquity will keep it going for years to come, so there’s no need to worry that it will be corrupted. The outrage would be deafening. One of the main reasons Flash is so popular and yet so closed-source is because it’s been handled so well over the years there’s little interest in alternatives.

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